11 Things We Never Thought We Would Say Before 2020

Now that we are in our 12th month of a global pandemic, I have been thinking of all the things we say that seem normal now.

  1. You think you have a fever? Well, can you smell and taste?

  2. I think you're on mute. Nope, still on mute.

  3. Sorry kids, you can't go to school this week.

  4. We just need to pivot!

  5. Did you remember to grab a mask?

  6. At least we can take walks!

  7. This will be over soon...right?

  8. I can probably get another day out of these sweat pants.

  9. The words Coronavirus, COVID 19, and the 'Rona.

  10. How can they be out of toilet paper? Did they say when they were getting more?

  11. What day is it?

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