14 Things You Should Know About Me So We Can Be Friends (Or Not)

My name is Sarah, and welcome to Pass On Your Sunshine! Grab a seat and coffee or tea and let’s get to know each other. Here are some things about me:

  1. I have always been a happy, smiley person. That’s how I was created.

  2. Growing up, my family moved around. Everyone (including me) thought I was insanely extroverted. Once I got married and stayed in one place where I didn’t have to keep getting to know people, I realized I love staying home. I don’t have to be a social butterfly. I don’t need to be best friends with everyone. Conversations with 1-3 people are perfect. I am content with a few friends and time with my family. So if you invite me to a party, know I will freak out about going, say, about 30 minutes before I need to be there.

  3. I am married to James, who I met in college at the University of Georgia. (Go Dawgs!) We have 2 girls who are growing up way too fast.

  4. I have been a Christian all my life and we go to an amazing, generous church called NorthStar Church.

  5. My childhood was ideal. My Grandma lived with us from the time I was 10 to 24. We were very close and drank lots of tea together!

  6. My Mom passed away when I was 23 and left a big hole in our hearts and lives. It has been almost 2 decades, and I am still a wreck some days. But I have reached a point where I can smile at the memories. I wouldn’t trade 23 years with Mom for longer with anyone else.

  7. My enneagram type is a 9, which is a peacemaker. This basically means I can see both sides of an issue, I want everyone to get along, and I can’t make the decision of where to eat. Don’t put that on me. Where are my fellow nines?

  8. I faint easily in a crowd or if I haven’t eaten and have had seizures that I take medicine for. Telling people this in person makes them look at me like I could drop at any moment.

  9. Reading is life. If I have free time, I am holding a book or my Kindle. I love suspense, romantic comedy, Christian, and some self help. Don’t put me in any one category.

  10. This is not my first blog. I started Strainme in 2014 but haven’t written much lately. In 2015, I wrote a book called Intentional Spending, which is about spending less to be able to give more. Since people don’t like to be told to spend less, it has sold about 11 copies worldwide.

  11. My family and I were a foster family briefly until last Spring. It did not go the way I imagined, but my guilt over quitting has finally subsided.

  12. I am obsessed with buying fair trade products and am an ambassador for Mercy House Global. MHG runs a maternity home for pregnant teens in Kenya and teaches them how to be a mom and skills to earn a living.

  13. I work for an amazing real estate agent. Of course I have to say the obligatory, “If you or anyone you know in Georgia wants to buy or sell, hit me up.” But seriously, Rebecca Rhue is the best!

  14. I love to encourage people and make them smile. I am hoping anyone who reads this will feel seen and loved. Because they are.

If any of this resonates with you, I would love to connect. Please feel free to email me at passonsunshine@gmail.com or reach out on social media.

Keep shining!

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