42 Things I Have Learned About Life

Yesterday was my birthday, so today I am going to share 42 things I have learned in my life. (42 is a totally random number, obviously.)

  1. My opinion matters the same as those around me. Not more. Not less.

  2. Opinions change, and I have to give grace to people when that happens.

  3. That grace applies to me too.

  4. Just because I discovered a talent later in life doesn't make it less valid.

  5. It's OK to not know what I want to be at age 18.

  6. Or 42. Ahem.

  7. I may not like everyone, but I need to show everyone kindness.

  8. They won't all like me. Their loss.

  9. Us parents make mistakes.

  10. I'm the only one in my family who likes pickles. They're the weird ones.

  11. Tomorrow is a whole new day.

  12. If everyone agreed with me, the world would be a boring place.

  13. Spending my money to impress others is a waste.

  14. All high schools should teach how to make a budget.

  15. Some things are out of my control, but how I handle a situation is always in my control.

  16. Dreaming big is great, but big dreams take work.

  17. Living a life to serve others makes life worth it.

  18. My words make an impact, whether I know it or not.

  19. I try to make good choices, and some times that involves cake.

  20. In my mind, I'm still skinny and blonde.

  21. Sometimes the sun is all I need.

  22. Nature is healing.

  23. I don't always appreciate people enough when they are in my life.

  24. Jesus loves me no matter what.

  25. Someone is always watching me.

  26. I am a verbal processor, while others aren't.

  27. There is nothing like a good laugh.

  28. Being able to laugh at myself is necessary.

  29. Family is a blessing, even on days it doesn't feel that way.

  30. 42 candles would probably start a big fire.

  31. All the things I thought my Mom was crazy for saying are actually true.

  32. Having my Dad be proud of me is so important.

  33. If I don't pass along some of what I have been given, why should I be given more?

  34. I wasn't put on this earth just to be happy.

  35. We are all more alike than we sometimes think.

  36. Why do I try so hard to fit in, when I was made to stand out?

  37. None of us is promised tomorrow.

  38. I have missed way too much around me, because I wasn't paying attention.

  39. If I wish for other people's talents, other people are wishing they had mine.

  40. Smiling makes me happy.

  41. All of us are here for a reason.

  42. Each new year gives me the chance to learn and grow!

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