Am I a Caterpillar?

All my life, I go about doing the same thing at the same time with the same people. When will it all change? When will it be my turn to succeed and get out of this monotony? I watch everyone else around me and see how good their lives are and I want that for myself. One day it will all be better. Some day, I will wake up a butterfly, and life will be great. I just need to make it to someday.

But wait!

I can make it happen. Instead of sitting here wishing and waiting for change, I can take charge of my own life. I can decide what I want my future to look like and work towards it. No, I am not a fan of the word "work," but when it is to accomplish a big dream, it doesn't feel as much like work. Who knows what will happen? I may fail at what I first attempt, but maybe that will lead me to something else to try. As long as I keep trying, is it really failing? I just have to keep going until I find what I am meant to do.

Maybe I really am a caterpillar looking for my chance to break out and shine. Maybe I just had it wrong. The timing hasn't been right, but that is because I have been waiting for change to happen automatically. But if I don't push, growth can never happen. Growth is never automatic. If I want to push myself out of my comfort zone, I can turn myself into a butterfly. It will mean more than if it were just handed to me.

Soon I will be a beautiful butterfly with bright wings that will stand out. They will be all mine, and no one will be able to take them away from me. These wings will take me places beyond my wildest dreams.

Now it is time to get started!