Don't Give Up On Yourself

By this time in the year, many people have made a resolution to change something and already given up. Isn't that sad? I think that is why so many others don't resolve to do anything. Who wants to start the year feeling like a failure?

Personally I don't make New Year's resolutions. If I think of something I want to start or stop doing, I don't wait for an arbitrary date. I jump right in while I am motivated. The times I am eating too many sweets, I cut back. One year I cut out most sugar the week before Halloween. Since I cared about my goal, I actually stayed away from my kids' candy that year! I begin new exercise programs when I get excited about them. I read more or work on organization at times throughout the year. There is nothing wrong with working on improving your life at any time.

If you are one who uses the thrill of a whole new year in front of you that is full of possibilities, that is great. I love a New Year! Keep going and keep working on yourself and those around you.

If you started and have lost your new year motivation, you can always find it again. Maybe you just need to tweak your goal a bit. Or maybe you just got caught up and bit off more than you can chew. Back up and figure out what baby steps you can take to get you back on track.

If you aren't into resolutions just because it's a new year, I do hope you work on changes or goals. I hope you don't let whole years go by without working on something big that you can accomplish and be proud of.

Looking at where we are headed and adjusting our sails help us land where we want to, safely. Good luck and happy sailing!

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