Don't Mistake Potential For Greatness

Blank paper staring back at me. What should I say? What should I write about?

This could be an adventure on the high seas where I am being chased by pirates. It could be a love story with lots of funny things happening until the charming end. I could write a murder mystery with twists and turns that make the reader hold their breath. Maybe it will be a weight loss or diet book that helps the reader get healthy. There is so much potential to a blank piece of paper that it can be hard to make a mark on it and possibly ruin it.

There is the same potential in a day, a year, and a lifetime. We can become so paralyzed at the idea of making a mistake that we leave it blank. If we don't make that phone call, we may not get the chance another day. Not taking the first step to a healthy body may keep us not feeling as good as possible, or even lead to sickness. Not telling someone how we feel about them in this moment gives someone else the chance to swoop in. If we don't sit down and start writing right now what is in our hearts, the moment will pass. Those thoughts will pass too. Oh sure, there will be other thoughts, but they may not be exactly right.

If we start treating each day like a blank page and just start writing, imagine the epic novel we can have at the end of our lives. Not every page will be good or exciting, but they will be there. Life will have been lived instead of just watched. Doesn't a full book sound better than a blank page that has potential?

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