Making Our Money Matter

Why do you spend money? Yeah, I know this is personal, but answer anyways.

I think we all want to buy things that we will enjoy or that will make our lives better. But do you sometimes buy something without really thinking about it? Or do you ever buy an item you don't need or care about that you think will make others like you more? Trust me, it won't make you fit in better.

Why do we do this? Why do we spend our hard earned money on stuff that doesn't matter and won't make our lives any better? That money could do so much more!

It could be spent on a vacation with your family.

It could be saved for a big occasion-your kids' college or your retirement. Maybe a new house.

It could be saved for a dream you are afraid to talk about because it seems so crazy. Starting a business. A career that will pay less but you would love to do. A goal of visiting every country. Only you know what you dream about.

It could be given away. So many people are suffering in the world, and we can help. All of us are passionate about at least one issue and can give to help make it better. Or the money can be given to a family in your community and change their life.

So much of our money is wasted because we aren't enjoying it.

How can we change this habit? By spending our money on something that has meaning to us. That makes us smile. That will last. We look down the road and ask if it will make life better in a year (or even a month for some items.) Instead of automatically spending money, we raise our standards. And maybe dream some new dreams.

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