No Place Like My Home Part 2

Liza sat at the coffee shop, waiting for Mary to arrive. Mary with her attentive husband who adored her and their adorable children. All that was missing in her life was a white picket fence. She stared into the foam in her latte and tried to remember the last time her husband, Ron, had made it home for dinner, let alone pay her any attention. Was it last month? Oh, who cares? She never saw him or their kids and always felt alone in their 5000 square foot house.

She always loved going to Mary's house, because it felt like a home. You could tell a family lived there, which always gave her peace and made her feel sad at the same time. Her own life was so solitary that she envied her friend's life.

As Liza was lost in thought, Mary burst in the door. "Sorry I'm late! Sam spilled her juice and in the craziness of cleaning that up, I realized she left her school project on the counter. I had to run it by the school on the way here. And-Oh honey, why are you crying? Is everyone OK?"

Liza hurriedly wiped her tears. She hadn't realized she was this close to the edge or she would have cancelled their coffee date. "Oh yeah. At least, I assume they are all fine. Ron calls from his business trips. The twins have their own lives. I hate to admit to you after all this time, but I am so jealous of your life."

Mary sat back, stunned. "You? Jealous of me? Every time I see you in your stylish outfits and your makeup and hair in place, I can't help but sigh. There is nothing but craziness in my house. And stress over bills. Your house is always nice and quiet."

"But Mary, don't you see? You have love. You have well behaved kids who love you and a husband who is crazy about you. All I have is too much silence. I know I don't have to worry about money, but some days, I would trade all I have for your life."

Mary thought for a minute. "I would too some days, but I guess I should be grateful for the craziness. You can keep your house and clothes. I am also not giving up our friendship."

Liza smiled through the tears in her eyes. "I'm not giving up our friendship either."

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