Reject the Lies

Growing up, I was repeatedly told I was lazy. Guess what I inadvertently carried into adulthood? The label of lazy. It pains me to talk about now, since my Mom is not around to defend herself. I don’t think she would need to defend herself, but if feels wrong to say anything negative about her now.

I have had to realize a few things. The first is that I am not lazy. The second is that Mom and I had different personalities, and that is OK. She never sat still, while I could sit and read for hours (still can.) I wasn't doing anything wrong, but for years, as a child and adult, I would feel shame for reading a book. I can still feel what felt like my Mom's disapproval. She wasn't against me reading, but she would call me lazy if she wanted me to be doing something else. Mom was a talented seamstress, and one of the sweetest things she did for me was to make pillows for me to use when I read on the porch swing. It felt like a peace offering.

My point in all of this is that our words have weight and can get carried around for years after we use them. I have had to rewire my thoughts and make myself believe I am not lazy. I have also tried to be extra careful in not labeling my daughters. They are both beautiful and unique, and I want them to decide who they are. If I say something that I believe is true in the moment, I don't want them to drag that around with them for decades.

How about you? Is there something hanging over your head in shame that isn't true of you as a person? Take charge now, and rewrite that thought. When it pops into your head, reject it and speak truth to yourself. Future you will thank you!

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