Grief Is A Roller Coaster

Grief is something we tend to think we can "get over" or "get past" instead of the ongoing beast it is. In reality, one day you are doing just fine and the next you are on the bathroom floor. It will seemingly hit you out of nowhere and make you question everything.

So many people are grieving right now. Maybe you lost a loved one or got a new medical diagnosis. Maybe there was an event you had been looking forward to that got cancelled. If you lost your job, you are grieving not only the loss of income but possibly your identity. If you are like me, you are grieving the way we treat each other these days. Also, your child started high school during a pandemic and you are grieving for them.

Grief can take many forms. I have had physical symptoms like a stomach ache or head ache that were manifestations of grief. My body forced me to slow down and deal with the trauma my heart faced. The physical effects are not to be taken lightly or completely ignored. It is always best to deal with them.

There is a heavy weight that presses down. If you feel something forcing you to stop or slow down, please listen to your body. Take the time to figure out what you need. Let yourself feel sadness. If something pops into your head that will make this better, do it after you have rested. Within reason, of course. I am always convinced a trip to the beach will help, but that is not in the cards. (If you are able to just pop over to the beach, know I envy you!)

I hope that with this roller coaster of emotions happening now that you take care of yourself. Show yourself mercy on the hard days. It will get better, but that may be down the road. Look at today and do what you can. Grief may not just go away, but it will lessen over time. I promise.

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