Trouble in the Workplace Part 1

Once again, Jeff was a jerk to Maddie. Days like today make her not want to come into the office. How are they supposed to get work done and collaborate like their boss wants? This project needs to get going, but every time Maddie brings up something Jeff is supposed to be in charge of, he bites her head off. Why is it so hard for him to do his job? You know, the one he is paid to do?

Maddie sighed this morning when she saw him walking in late, for the third time this week. As soon as he heard the noise come out of her, the scowl he sent her way would have scared anyone else. She just glared back at him.

Jeff shouldn't get away with this behavior. If she was the boss, he wouldn't. As if in a conversation with someone else, she nodded and stood suddenly. Maybe their boss hasn't realized how bad it was. It was time to rectify that.

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