We Are More Alike Than Different

This year has been tough on everyone. We are more polarized and isolated than ever despite, or because of, technology. Social media has been hard for me. A decade ago, Facebook was my happy place. I could see who got married or had babies. I could say something funny that popped into my head to make my friends laugh (with me or at me.) It was lighthearted. Now I can still see the yummy recipe my friend shared, but I have to wade through so much else.

I am not using this space to get into politics, so please don’t misinterpret this post. I tend to be more moderate, and I know people on both sides. I know their hearts are well meaning and they are just going about life in different ways. That is how it should be! Can you imagine if we were all the same? If we thought the same and had the same skills and passions? So many things would never get done!

For better or worse, I can often understand both sides of issues. Because of that, I tend to feel attacked by people who fall on both sides. It may not be anyone’s fault that I feel this, but that doesn’t make it easier. The amount of hatred spewed at friends and strangers alike is devastating to me. This isn’t just me: I know so many people who are in a similar position.

So, can we focus on what we have in common? I love babies and want families to stay together. Women should be treated with dignity and respect, as should men. I want a strong economy with a job for everyone who is able to work. For those unable to work, we should be able to take care of them too. Taxes should be reasonable for everyone. If someone is successful, they should pay a fair tax and choose what they want to do with the rest of their resources. Health care should be affordable and public schools should provide the best schooling for everyone, no matter where they live. Many issues should be left to the state or local government instead of federal, because states are so different. No one should be able to be discriminated against because of the color of their skin. Period. None of us is better than anyone else.

My experiences have led me to the beliefs I have and your experiences have led you to yours. I hope we can respect and honor each other by not belittling each other and especially not by saying things on a computer that we would never say face to face.

No matter what happens in the country and the world, I will maintain my faith. My faith in God and in other people. I trust that overall we each want what is best and should live like we do. I will keep doing my part to take care of my family and my community. I will be kind on the internet and in person. Whether or not you can see my smile, I will try to make it evident that there is one. Whether I have a mask on or am behind a screen, you will see me be kind. I hope you are too. That is how we will get through this.

No matter what is happening in your life, you will get through it. The future may look scary because it is unknown, but you will get to the other side. Stay patient and wait for the sun to come back out. It always does after a storm!

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